In the interests of our country

Rostelecom has been historically a major partner of the Russian government in telecommunications providing technology support for key federal scale events and implementing advance technologies in operation of governmental authorities.

We have gained unique invaluable experience and possess required capabilities to implement huge projects calling for deployment and management of complex infrastructure solutions.

Modern telecommunications technologies are capable of transforming the day-to-day life of people; that is why in Rostelecom we are proud to be trusted with implementation of projects having paramount importance for the entire nation.

Universal telecommunications services: bridging the digital divide in Russia
Since 2014 Rostelecom has been the sole universal service operator across Russia maintaining operation of some 148 thousand universal payphones and 21 thousand public Internet access offices. Another 13.6 thousand populated localities will be provided with Internet access, requiring installation of over 200 thousand km of fiber-optic cable lines. To ensure the world’s largest deployment of fiber and Internet access sites the Company established a separate strategic line of business in the Company’s organization calling it “bridging Russia’s digital divide project”.
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Submarine Fiber-Optic Cable System to link Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Magadan.
In 2014 Rostelecom embarked on implementation of a major project – construction of Submarine Fiber-Optic Cable Line Kamchatka–Sakhalin–Magadan. Fiber link deployment will significantly improve penetration of telecommunications services in Magadan Region and Kamchatskiy Area.
The backbone submarine fiber-optic is assigned a key role in solving the digital divide issues in the Far-Eastern part of Russia. The new fiber-optic line will link the city of Okha in Sakhalin with Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.
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Rostelecom has been implementing projects of video-surveillance across the entire country for General State Final Exams for some years already. For video-surveillance projects the Company makes use of the experience gained during preparations for the all Russia Presidential Elections in early 2012. The entire software for the project was developed by Russian programmers, who managed to create not just a unique system, but also an extremely easy to use one – it is launched by pressing a single button.
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Electronic government: Rostelecom is the sole developer and operator of the E-government infrastructure project, ensuring efficient liaisons between citizens and public authorities.
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Sochi’2014: Rostelecom is a General Telecommunications Partner of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi deploying a large scale telecommunications infrastructure required for the Games.
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IT systems for governmental authorities: Rostelecom is a major provider of telecommunications services for deployment of private networks handling traffic of dedicated IT systems of governmental authorities and between them. The largest scale projects in this sphere were implemented for the following governmental customers:

  • Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation: a governmental system for production, execution and control of passport and visa-related document of the next generation (over 1,260 sites where governmental authorities are located);
  • Court Department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation: the Justice Governmental Automated System (telecommunications services are provided to over 2,800 court authorities in all Russian regions);
  • Pension Fund of the Russian Federation: Private Data Network of the Pension Fund (covering over 250 branches and offices of the Pension Fund)