Rostelecom creates a cloud data centre for the State Automated System “Justice”

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Moscow, Russia – November 28, 2016 - Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), Russia’s national telecommunications operator, and the Department of Justice’s information analytics centre, which provides support for the state automated system (SAS) “Justice”, today announce that they have concluded a state contract to build a cloud infrastructure data centre for SAS "Justice”.

According to the contract, Rostelecom has been in a process of finalising the creation of a data processing and storage centre, which will consolidate the SAS “Justice’s” IT resources. Rostelecom will create the data centres, provide the data storage and processing equipment, while ensuring that a functioning cloud infrastructure is provided. In addition, the Company will provide access to customer information via the Internet and set-up experimental data centre operations, initially in pilot format at a single SAS site. 16 racks were installed for SAS "Justice" which were allocated with 1.5 petabytes of data. There will be more than 1500 processor cores in the data centre, which will be powered by more than 31 terabytes of RAM. Full long-term backup power supply is provided by a variety of sources, including diesel generators.

Mikhail Izotov, Director of Corporate and Government Contracts, PJSC Rostelecom commented:
"We are seeing a steady growth in demand for data centre services from our government customers. Thanks to our network of data centres, Rostelecom is ready to meet this need."

The plan is to move all 26 of the SAS subsystems to the new data centre, primarily the Internet portal, the departmental mail system and the "Bank of Judicial Decisions" - a database of more than 30 million court decisions.